ORDF’s origins

Mahama Seidu is the Founder and Director of ORDF. Born in the small community of Dulzugu in the Tolon/Kumbungu District, Northern Ghana, his interest in the environment began in early childhood as he went to farm with his father and began planting trees. Throughout his education he has engaged himself in tree planting activities, planting trees such as Neem, Teak and Mando for the school compound. He favoured agricultural and environmental studies through school, and since then he has been the secretary for a tree planting project sponsored by Agricultural Development and Rural Aforestation (ADRA), as well as to TreeAid Ghana, and the leader of water management on agricultural land under the Food Security and Rice Production Project.

Mahama Seidu, Founder and Director of ORDF

His participation in a climate course conference in Denmark in 2008 secured his ambition to preserve his own community’s environment and he gained valuable experience from the many workshops and seminars.

Seidu’s determination to support his local communities to be environmentally resilient comes from his awareness of the environmental degradation that is happening around him. Continuous bush fires and rapid deforestation of indigenous trees for fuel and building materials, together with overuse of chemical fertilisers and overgrazing have resulted in unreliable rainfall, unusual droughts, soil erosion, soil compaction, loss of soil fertility and ill health from the chemicals.

Seidu’s vision will lead ORDF to achieve its objectives through encouraging organic farming methods and tree planting.

ORDF has reached where it is today through the help of its board members, trustees and a few generous donors.