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Currently only two pushtrucks, acquired through donations, serve the 10 communities in ORDF’s target area. The pushtruck is very valuable because no only is it able to transport large quantities of organic compost to the crops, after it has been prepared in the village, it can also transport their harvest and the women’s produce to the market. Without the pushtruck, the compost and other items have to be carried several kilometers in containers small enough to carry, which takes a long time and causes strain on those that carry the loads, usually women.

Each community would benefit greatly from at least 2 pushtrucks.

One pushtruck will cost the community 350cedi (175GBP), an amount not easily obtainable.

Seedling grow-bags

To enable seedlings to grow strong and healthy, the seeds are placed in rubber bags filled with organic compost. The rubber bags enable the seeds to retain all the moisture and nutrients in the soil.

100 grow bags that will yield 100 tree seedlings will cost 50cedi (25GBP)

If you would like to assist the organisation and make a donation please email us at